Dear iRespect Clients
Our company provides assistance in the legalization of stay and work in Wroclaw. We try to support people visiting or living in the city so that everything is in accordance with the law and explain the activities of Polish legislation.
We did not expect, however, that 2020 would surprise us something like global Covid-19
pandemic. It disturbed our business and private lives. This forced us to change our "normality" in which we could meet and help you with all legal problems.
In the face of these events, we understand that the most important thing now is to jointly follow the rules aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.
However, we respect the need to keep even a small part of this "normality" and work in our positions so that we and you can feel a little of peace. We work at our desks to support you in these difficult times when many new regulations are introduced.
We are a small company where each of us feels like a family member. Each person is as important as it is invaluable. That is why we are afraid for the health of our employees and clients. This tragedy affected everyone without exception.
However, we care to carefully protect ourselves, disinfect our workplace, strengthen ourselves from the inside, and maintain a safe distance.
The company is equipped with disinfection sets, masks, gloves and there are plexiglass in the stands separating the client from the employee. Everything is carefully made to care for our employees and clients. So we hope that safe contact with us will be a comforting grain of safety in these troubled times. We also want to ensure that our office is constantly disinfected to avoid unpleasant consequences.
We invite you, in masks, to our company and we will gladly help you in all urgent problems. We operate consistently from 09:00 to 17:00 throughout the week.
You can also contact by phone at 519 340 818

The request can be sent on our website at:
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We wish you a lot of health and patience, hoping that we will soon return to our "NORMALITY" !!
IRespect team
We understand your problems!
We understand your problems!

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We understand your problems!
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Serdecznie dziękujemy za prowadzenie z wielkim zaangażowaniem naszej sprawy w urzędzie trwającej kilka lat. Z całkowitą odpowiedzialnością polecamy Irespect, kto oczekuje, aby jego sprawy prowadzone były rzetelnie i z pełnym profesjonalizmem.
Serdecznie polecam firmę Irespect sp. z o.o. Zespół gwarantuje wysoką jakość usług, pełen profesjonalizm ✅✅✅✅
Dziękujemy za bezpłatną konsultację i pyszną kawę 汉
Współpraca z Irespect przebiega na wyższym poziomie. Chętnie dam zlecenie na obsługę nowych pracowników!
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Why exactly IRESPECT?
We help foreigners in obtaining a visa a work permit or a residence permit .

We help employers in the legal employment of foreigners.

We help families to be together and legalize their stay in Poland.

We are a modern and dynamic team with many years of legal and administrative experience.

We approach each person in an individual and personal way, with due respect and kindness.
We use our vast knowledge of the law and we will answer all your questions!
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In our center you will find comprehensive assistance regarding legalization of stay and work of foreigners in Poland.
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We operate quickly, efficiently and effectively!

We are a company helping foreigners legalize their stay and work in Poland. We employ people with extensive experience and knowledge in this field. Our employees can boast of many years of service in the Provincial Office in the legalization of stay and several years of work experience as plenipotentiaries. They have already helped many foreigners obtain residence cards and other administrative procedures.
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